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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Protocols of Zion and the Dajjal Illuminati Roadmap: Part 3

The Protocols of Zion and the Dajjal Illuminati Roadmap: Part 3

“It is indispensable for our purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains: war will thus be brought on to the economic ground, where the nations will not fail to perceive in the assistance we give, the strength of our predominance,” (Protocols)

Protocol #2 starts out with the above statement about economic warfare. How much evidence do we need that we have been victimized in this manner? Consider the following:

1. The Federal Reserve charges us interest on our own money. This is collected by the IRS through Income Taxes. This “blood money” is then used to finance terrorist acts against our country such as: narcotics; population control; genocide; eugenics; homosexuality; abortion etc.

This Illuminati tax takes away 1/3rd of our collective wealth. We literally labor 4 months out of the year to give the Illuminati the money that is used to destroy our society!

2. Estimates of the amounts of toxic derivatives range upwards to 1,000 trillion dollars. The global economy is only 56 trillion. Derivatives are Naked Put Options that are taken against our collective savings and investments. They have used them to raid companies like AIG, Ford Motors and General Motors.

They have also used derivatives to bankrupt city governments, state governments and even Federal Government sponsored agencies like Fannie Mae. We have witnessed the greatest transfer of wealth out of a country in the entire history of the world.

3. They have printed excessive amounts of money to hide their crimes. They have transferred our gold overseas (911 Trade Towers). They have stolen our homes through speculative mortgages. They have devalued our land and other real assets.

4. They have plundered our economy with International Trade Acts like NAFTA and GATT and forced our laborers to compete with slave labor in foreign countries.

5. They have dismantled our National Manufacturing Industries and forced us to rely on foreign imports manufactured by cheap foreign labor.

6. They have corrupted our Courts with frivolous Class Action Suits that are nothing more than another way to plunder our wealth.

“and this state of things will put both sides at the mercy of our international AGENTUR; which possesses millions of eyes ever on the watch and unhampered by any limitations whatsoever. Our international rights will then wipe out national rights, in the proper sense of right, and will rule the nations precisely as the civil law of States rules the relations of their subjects among themselves.”

The Goal is clear. The Illuminati must destroy our nation and our culture so that we will bow to their Globalist Luciferian Agenda. One World-wide entity, under the rule of Satanists and their mind-controlled minions.

Now we are at the mercy of our enemies. They have stolen our wealth and will give some of it back only if we renounce our National Identity. Yet, the question remains, what type of global state have these evil men prepared?

The Illuminati use the Hegelian Dialectic to accomplish their goals. Simply stated, they establish two extremes that they will merge into the middle. In statistics, this is known as re-establishing the “Norm” through manipulating enough of the population into both extreme ends of the curve.

On one end is Communism. A system where everything is controlled and managed by the State. No personal ownership. No Moral Values. No sense of individual identity. Your personal “pursuit of happiness” is dictated by the State. The Elite Communist Party membership is limited to 1% of the country’s population. The same percentage of Illuminati in the world population.

We can also see a structured leadership hierarchy that conforms to the Illuminati ideal described in Plato’s Republic.

1. Philosopher Kings: Communist Dictators that are “Fathers” of their country and always seem to know what’s best.

2. Military Ruling Class: Great Generals that lead their adoring troops into battle.

3. Merchant Class: Those that run the State owned National Industries and regulate the amount of goods and services available to the general population.

In Fact: Russian “Free-Masonry” was the impetus behind Russian Communism:

“Russian professors and masons, such as M.M. Kovalevsky (President), G.S. Gambarov (General Secratary), Ye. V. De Roberti la Serda (Vice-President), professors: M.M. Vinaver, Ye.V. Anichkov, A.A. Isaeyev, M.I. Tamamshev, A.V. Amfiteatrov, M.S. Grushevsky, A.S.Trachevsky, I.Z. Loris-Melikov, I.I. Ivanyukov, conducted classes with non-masons or alleged masons, such as G.V. Plekhanov (founder of the first communist organization in Russia and teacher of V.I. Lenin, later social-democrat), V.I. Lenin, I.I. Mechnikov (world famous microbiologist who worked in the Pasteur Institute in Paris), P.N. Milyukov, and M.I. Tugan-Baranovsky. Among the pupils were a future Minister of Education for the Bolshevik government, A.V. Lunacharsky (at the time he was a member of a French lodge) and the Russian poet, M.A. Voloshin.”

Free-Masonry also follows the same pattern of government established by Plato in his Republic. The top three tiers are reserved for the Illuminati. Russian Communism originated in the Freemason Lodges of France and Germany, both Illuminati strongholds (funded through the Rothschild banking dynasty).

“They were also authorized to organize new lodges in Russia. Among other participants were author, A. Amfiteatrov (later in Russia he became Worshipful Master of one of the masonic Lodges), lawyer V. Maklakov (a member of the regular French Rite lodge, L’Avangarde Maconnique since May 8th, 1905, and Russian Ambassador to France in 1917), dramatist V. Vasiliy Ivanovich Nemirovich-Danchenko, lawyer Y. Kedrin (member of the regular French rite lodge Les Enovateurs since June 15th, 1905). Initiation of Russians in the regular French Rite lodges only began in the spring of 1905. Since then they have usually preferred Scottish Rite Freemasonry.”

In spite of the Czar’s civil liberties clampdown in 1905, Freemasonry prospered and grew.

“On October 17th, 1905 Czar Nikolai II declared limited constitutional freedoms. In December of 1906, M.M. Kovalevsky opened Polar Star Lodge in St. Petersburg with the assistance of V. Maklakov of the Constitutional Democrats (Cadets) Party. It was the first permanent freemasons’ lodge in Russia, the first Cadets lodge and the first lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orient of France in Russia.”

The Czar sowed the seeds of his own destruction by permitting the establishment of Free-Masonry. With the luxuries of Court and the physical demands of the Russian Aristocracy, it doesn’t take a large imagination to see how Rothschild Agents were able to establish the predecessor to Russian Communism through the Russian Freemasonry lodges:

“On November 15th (28) 1906, Duke S.D. Urusov, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Deputy of the First State Duma, organized Resurrection Lodge in Moscow, under the Grand Orient of France….Nina Berberova contends that earlier socialists joined the lodges after being disappointed in socialist ideals. Duke Kropotkin, father of the Russian anarchist movement, mixed illusion with reality, saying that the Russian revolutionary movement found it good and useful to be linked with the masons…”

For those that have studied Russian history, this is the only explanation for the “Communist Cells” that seemingly popped up out of nowhere, to lead the Bolshevik Revolution. The organization did not come into being with Lenin’s return to Russia on a train laden with gold and munitions. No, it existed before the time, in the hallowed halls of Russian Freemasonry. In fact:

“the masonic movement was usurped by the left wing Constitutional Democrat (Cadets) Party led by N.V. Nekrasov, later a minister of the Provisional government (March – November 1917). The Grand Orient of France in Russia, or, as some researchers call it, the Russian affiliate of the Grand Orient of France, was replaced by the Grand Orient of Russia’s Peoples. Since then, the history of the Russian revolution, as written by V.F. Ivanov in his From Peter I till present days. Russian intelligentsia and masonry (Kharbin, 1938), is a history of the progressive liberal and radical socialist intelligentsia. The history of the progressive liberal and radical socialist intelligentsia is chiefly a history of freemasonry.”

Communism was an Illuminati creation that was propagated by Russian, German and French Freemasons. It followed the same pattern and organization as the Jacobin Revolution in France that led to the “Reign of Terror and culminated in Napoleon’s march across Europe. It didn’t take long for Freemasonry to infiltrate into the highest levels of Russian Politics.

“Butmi, a correspondent of the newspaper Zemshchina, in the beginning of 1909, reported that Grand lodge Astreia resumed activities in St. Petersburg and many of its members became top ranking officials for the State Council and State Duma. Vilenski Vestnik mentioned that “attention of the curious observers could not but be drawn by both attempts to resurrect Freemasonry, repressed in the country after the defeat of the December 1825 rebellion..”

The Czar knew all about the seditious causes of the Illuminati. How it was their goal to imprison mankind in their Platonic Utopia. The old order of Monarchs and Kings was destined to be wiped out by the order of Free-Masonry and Illuminism.

“Lady mason Ye. Kuskova wrote to a mason Volsky (15 Nov. 1955): “We had got our people everywhere. Such organizations as Free economics society, Technological Society were penetrated by them from inside.” She further added, “up to now the secrets of this organization have not been revealed, despite it was a huge organization. By the time the February revolution had broken out, all Russia was covered by the thick network of the masonic lodges. Many of its members are now here, in emigration, but they all keep silence. They’ll be keeping silence until all people who are living in Russia and participated in the masonic lodges pass away.”

The Illuminati are the leaders of Freemasonry because they are the descendants of the Founders of Freemasonry, the Knights Templar. Illuminati Jews were brought in to manage Templar assets, stolen by their banking ancestors from the crowns of Europe and the Catholic Church. That arrangement continues to this day.

Next: Monopolistic Capitalism and Fascism.


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