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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alexa Global Rankings – Yahoo Down – FaceBook Up

Alexa is known to be authentic source of website’s rank as per traffic basis. People look forward to alexa to reckon the performance of a site. Yahoo was ruling as World’s No. 1 site on visitor’s basis and Google was 2nd, but earlier Google Conquered the battle and came to No. 1 by pushing Yahoo to 2. This time Yahoo faces another fall and Facebook defeats yahoo to attain number 3 and FaceBook owns number 2.

Alexa stats are updated on regular basis, and are thought to be authentic. For a long time the usual stats were, Yahoo at First, Google Second, YouTube Third and MSN was at number four. These stats were thought be maintained for a long time, perceeding other famous sites as Orkut, WikiPedia, Myspace and Facebook.

But then we seen a jump when Google jumped to Number One, Pushing Yahoo to Two and Number three was for YouTube.

This is the time when we must say – Real defaet to Yahoo by Facebook.

Complete list of Top 500 websites can be found here.

Facebook progresses to number 2 kicking Yahoo to 3. And other giant MSN on number 9 and a Big defeat to Orkut by Facebook, Orkut was previously at 7, 8 but now see Orkut not even in Top 100 Most Visited sites – more precisely, having a rank of 112.

Now this is what we must say real Work and Progress . Facebook is now everywhere on net, even almost all sites think it as a must to have FaceBook fan page. Facebook is currently ruling the stage.



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