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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Next Pakistan-India war to destroy region

Many questions arise after the statement of the Indian army chief about the preparations to fight China and Pakistan simultaneously. As per international reports, Indian army is not capable of doing what has been stated by its army chief.

There are two major questions about his statement. First, who asked India to make such kind of statement? Secondly, Has Indian army reached the point of extra-ordinary military capacity as compared to the rest of the world? Due to globalization, the second thought about Indian army is absolutely wrong because of availability of complete information, including the military capacity of all the countries of the world.

The other thought is that the Indians want to hide other issues by the start of 2010 while issuing such kinds of statements. According to political circles, the Indian army chief actually wanted to check the reaction of his enemies. General Tariq Majeed, the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, rightly said any misadventure by India against Pakistan will be a strategic mistake and amount to putting itself on the road to destruction.

Commenting on the Indian army chief’s statement about preparations to fight China and Pakistan simultaneously, Gen Tariq Majeed said: “Leave alone China, Gen Deepak Kapoor knows very well about the capability of Indian and Pakistani armed forces.”

Among the international powers that are watching South Asia deeply, the sudden statement of Indian army chief can disturb the durable peace of South Asia.

Anti-US actors think the US is backing India to issue such kind of statements as its so-called interests in war against terror are almost over and it wants a new battleground in South Asia. Pakistan’s foreign ministry has always stated that Pakistan wants durable peace in the region and it wants to resolve all outstanding issues with India through bilateral negotiations.

The three battlegrounds have been set by the two nuclear rivals in past. The top managements of both the countries know very well that the next battleground will bring destruction in the region.

The next war will be a nuclear war because everything is right in war and love. As per these circumstances, it’s a dire need of time that international forces should play their due role to keep peace in the region.


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